I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you…

…Until you love me, Papa-papa-razzi.

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for a while you’ve probably heard of one of the newest trends out there. Paparazzi.

Perhaps you wonder what exactly is this new hype- is it another trend soon to fade into the night? I mean there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard of the hot new craze, “jump out of a moving car”, So is this the next new fad?

I say yes and no. Unlike the impracticality of hoping out of a moving car – there’s nothing impractical about Paparazzi. It’s jewelry, light weight, in varying shades, for five dollars. Yes, the price of a footlong – quite literally, (or what a footlong used to be). It’s the miscellaneous quarters in your change draw – the spare dimes shoved in the sofa cushions. So why haven’t you checked this out yet?

After watching my girl, my supplier, my friend: Denise Broke’s live feed on facebook this evening, I’m more hooked than ever. Above are just a few of the MANY pieces I not only liked, but purchased tonight. There’s just too much to fall in love with! It’s like a buffet of jewelry, all at the measly cost of $5.00 an item.

I’ve been stacking up to fill my fall wardrobe, and you should too! These items are not only inexpensive and light weight, but the jewelry doesn’t feel cheap and that to me, is super important.

But what is even more important about this new trend, is the sales rep that you choose to buy from. I initially chose Denise to buy from specifically, because I knew her. But I stay with her because she’s great at her job.

There’s items that come out that she puts aside and immediately tells me, “you need this!” and she’s usually right. After buying for only a few weeks she’s already learned my taste and can now cater her products to fit it. She’s also convinced me to go out of my comfort zone and consider new products such as these earrings and this ring, that I wouldn’t have normally even seen!


Also, if you’re a supporter of family unity- this is a family run branch. Mother – Denise – is the main sales woman, but her daughter – Jeanessa, granddaughter – Bella, and even her mom- Gloria are involved. That’s four generations of woman to support your jewelry goals, and help you find what pieces work best for  you!

So if you’re looking for some inexpensive, but trendy pieces to spice up your fall wardrobe jump on board the Paparazzi train with me! Also note, pieces are mainly nickel and led free. Various people I know that wear it that usually have sensitivity to cheap jewelry – have no issues with this. Because as Denise says, “It isn’t cheap jewelry, it’s inexpensive” & If you don’t understand the difference, you will after you try it.

Other pieces to consider.

Here’s the direct link to their website: Denise’s Paparazzi Website

I’ll also link Denise’s Paparazzi Facebook Page

Feel free to comment with any questions about the products I own, or for more info on how to link up with Denise.

Take care –

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An emptiness within

“An Emptiness Within”

By: Me

Left out and abandoned

feeing so alone

The pain of my solitude,

It aches down in my bones.

I’m stacking up my walls again

For the hurt can not compare

to the pain endured when I’m with you

And you don’t even care.

Why let people close to you,

So they can make you feel like this?

When they judge your every action,

On their own constructed bias.

I’m sorry I don’t fit into

What you all want me to be

But I’d rather be alone and safe

Than just hurt consistently

My heart won’t stop breaking

Thinking, I had someone in you

when I’m just some annoyance

And you’ve got better things to do

Always the black sheep she was,

never to belong

What’s be point of trying,

when all I do is wrong.

Is this emptiness within I have

My own fears I’ve created

Thinking no one wants me

Yet they sit around me jaded

I can’t even complain because

They say, “Sarah can’t you see,

consider what I’m going through!!”

But no one thinks of me.

My circles getting smaller

Glass walls are bulletproof

Leaving myself lonely, safe

So close, but still aloof

Do I want to be alone

Key, lock, barricade the door

Pushing away anyone

Before I’m hurt anymore.

No- Let me lock away my heart,

you don’t deserve to see-

the hope; and selfless love I have,

to give inside of me.

If I created all these walls,

Sturdy, strong, of stone-

How can I be so surprised

When I am left alone?

But I don’t point fingers,

Mid thought, Mid stride I halt

Contemplating deep inside

If this Isn’t all my fault.

I give and give and give my time

But no one even sees

That I am too in need of love

So tell me, who is there for me?

Your answer will fall on deaf ears

I’ve given up, don’t try.

Because I’d rather be alone here

Where no one hears me cry.


Oh look how you shine,

I knew I could love you – if we tried.

So try.

Zach Berkman – Try ]


I guess I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, because there I went bragging about how fall was on it’s way, and here I am, drowning in a disgusting pile of oil – sweat – and over sized cardigans designed for cooler nights. The forecast now reads something along the lines of ninety degree weather for the next few days. (I think at least, I generally to skim the weather report when it reads things that are unfavorable).

40790390_10215397677508726_8701895430104940544_n  { <- Inserted oily selfie here – and.. check } Song above was .. foreshadowing?

Though there’s one thing I do love about this picture. A new necklace from paparazzi – and complimentary earrings of course – for the measly price of five dollars. Thanks to Denise. 🙂 There’s going to be a few more of these coming along the way later on.

Ah, I digress… there’s nothing more dissatisfying then unpacking every shade of tan boot from my tote in the spare room to then quickly start packaging them away into the spare closet to make room for my flip-flops and out of style Egyptian sandals. But! With the slow down of my head plunge into fall, I’ve taken the time to fall into some new items both accessory and cosmetic and I felt the need to share.

However – since most of these jewelry items are from my girl Denise, let me link her stuff here.

Here’s her website- Denise’s Paparazzi Website

Here’s her Facebook – Denise’s Facebook Profile

Whether it’s the new found addiction of seeing likes on my page, or the sheer love of embracing my inner femininity after months of a tom boy life style- work out leggings, yoga, and five mile runs – I can’t be sure. But as stated in my previous posts, I thrive, on the cooler weather. So- while I sit here patiently, sipping my tea listening to Eminem’s new album, awaiting the cold front, let me fill you in on some new things I’ve fallen in love with!

The ring that I talked about buying last week, pictured in the top left photograph is probably one of my favorite things I’ve purchased thus far. The necklace directly below it is even more beautiful in person than in pictures, and the bottom right twisted glitter bracelet hugs my wrist giving off just the right amount of flare!

The other pieces such as the courage key necklace, bangles, juicy earrings, and giraffe with wing necklace are pieces from various locations I pieced together. I’ve been on this mix and match love with fall, something about the copper and gold that seems to keep catching my eye. And when I feel I can’t do that anymore – I dive into the brown-blue-green wave. Speaking of brown-blue-green…

It’s basically how my makeup collection can be described. I try a HUGE variety of products, and there’s a few I swear by.

  1. Urban Decay Naked 2
  2. Ulta Beauty Lip Gloss
  3. Elf concealer.
  4. Neutrogena Primer
  5. Bare minerals foundation
  6. Dior mascara
  7. Sephora eye brow pencil & Eye liner.

And last but not least, I need to give a REAL shout out to “COLOR OOPS”! I had a horrible accident trying to do a light touch up on my hair this weekend – and I literally turned my hair a shade I have yet to see in nature. I just wanted to share with them a few of the photographs I took along the way to show just how great of a product it is!

Also – my hair didn’t feel any damage. All right, it’s way past this lady’s bed time.

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Boxes : poetry

Boxes. ; by me.

I have all of these boxes

Stored away inside

For safekeeping of my memories

And the feelings, which I hide.

Each little box I have

Is sealed shut to protect

A few things I must remember

And even more I can’t forget.

And it’s hard to access it

All the pain inside of me

But your hand feels so secure

As my trust becomes the key

But i hesitate briefly

So afraid of what it means

Why is trusting another person

So much harder then it seems

Because I fear if you were to see

The damage stored in me

You’d lock back up the boxes

And hand me back your key.


Just a few late night thoughts.


It’s National what day?

It’s national dog day! And while normally I don’t pay attention to- or partake in- such things, this is one I just couldn’t let go.

Happy national pup day to the best friend a girl could have. Thanks for choosing me always. Thanks for learning not only how to read, but how to utilize technology so you could read this. Oh. Wait.

Little 💙 the best one.

That is all.



Let the leaves fall where they may.

Within weeks a tear eyed adieu will be performed by thousands across the Lehigh Valley. The crisp mornings will soon begin to trickle in, as the humidity of a blazing august comes to a close. Perhaps many will panic, throwing their over priced dotted mini skirts and last year swim wear to the wind. But not this girl.

While I must admit I enjoy partaking in the cliché hot dogs on a charcoal grill, a glass of chardonnay in my hand, and being walking distance from the beach- all good things must come to an end. And vacation is just that – a vacation ; a break from real living and I get over it fairly quickly. Because the truth is,

I’ve never felt more alive than I do in autumn.

The howling winds ripping leaves upwards towards the sky in a twirling, tornado like fashion; Pumpkin flavored everything, hot chocolate, apple picking, leaf crunching, uggs, scarfs, and


FOOTBALL season. {E-A-G-L-E-S- eagles} Growing up directly in between New York City, and Philadelphia it was near impossible to not fall in love with the sport.

While I was technically raised a Jets fan, there was a transition to Philadelphia when I moved from the Poconos to the Lehigh Valley for college about five years ago. To say it’s been a challenge to root for either team  is an understatement. haha it has been difficult but loyalty is well, about committing right? And it’s finally starting to pay off…

If you follow the sport – even just to watch the super bowl commercials in February – you probably know who the defending champs are.  But lets get to why you’re probably here, and my favorite part about fall – the fashion.


Top left: Earrings: leaf earrings – Charolette Russe / Gold. Shirt: Capezio Women’s Team Basic Short Sleeve Leotard / Amazon / Maroon  Makeup: Urban Decay –  Naked 2 Palette. Blue & Gold Giraffe necklace / Charolette Russe

Top Right: Dress: OTEN Women’s Floral Print Wedding Party Prom Cocktail Vintage Dresses 1950s  / Amazon / Pink Floral. Jewelry: Paparazzi / Copper earrings & ring. Maroon boots / Forever 21

There’s just so many different variations of pieces already in my closet that I can throw together. It’s chilly in the morning, warm during the day, and cooler again in the evening. That’s why if you see me on the street – I’m generally carrying a light leather jacket and a scarf to match my ensamble.


So with fall just around the corner, I say, lets embrace the change. Let the leaves fall where they may, grab your leather jacket, some costume jewelry- and lets go.